Workshop On Smart & Open Government

01Participants of the Workshop on Smart & Open Government

Workshop on Smart & Open Government is a seminar to improve the knowledge and skills for the managers of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in the city and local region government agencies which was held on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at the Cyber Security R & D Center building with invited speakers as follows :

  1. Mr. Lee Bang Moo (Korean embassy) with the topic “Success Story of the e-Government Implementation in Korea”.
  2. Dr. Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim, MT. (Office of Communications and Information Technology, West Java) with the topic “Status and Issues in the Implementation of Smart Government of West Java and Indonesia.
  3. Dr. Suhardi (Coordinator of International Education Building Cyber Security) with a discussion topic Go Smart Solutions and Open Government in Indonesia.

Here is the documentation that was taken in the “Workshop On Smart & Open Government”
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