ITB-KOREA Cyber Security Research and Development Center

The Indonesian cyber security policy is to protect against the disruption of the operation of information systems for critical infrastructures and, thereby, help to protect the people, economy, and national security of Indonesia. We must act to reduce our vulnerabilities to these threats before they can be exploited to damage the cyber systems supporting our Nation’s critical infrastructures and ensure that such disruptions of cyberspace are infrequent, of minimal duration, manageable, and caused the least damage possible.

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ITB-Korea Cyber Security Research and Development Center (CSC) was built on grant from the South Korean government as a cooperative effort to support and enhance the capability of Indonesia’s cyber security strategy. It is located in ITB-Jatinangor campus and was inaugurated on 27 February 2014 by the Korean Ambassador. CSC will host many activities to support the nation security. Educating our students, strengthening Indonesian security profession, and increasing awareness of the Indonesian people will be key to enhancing the human capability. CSC hosts a security master’s program and doctoral program. CSC also coordinate research and development of security technology programs that will ensure the security of information system. Other research activities will focused on information security governance and policy research.

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