National cyber security system needs to be established in a comprehensive manner, given the information technology has a major role as an enabler for growth and competitive power of a nation. To that end, the capabilities of the country need to be built to ensure cyber security in various aspects, covering the fields of ideology, political, economic, social, cultural, and national security resilience. The steps that need to be done to achieve this goal, among others, to create a national strategy in a comprehensive cyber security, and create programs and implementation steps to establish a national cyber security systems.

In the medium and long-term implementation, competent human resources capacity building strategy needs to be defined in the national cyber security program. There are three objectives to be achieved in the program to improve the capabilities of human resources in the field of cyber security, among others, as follows.

  • Increased risk awareness activities in cyberspace
  • Preparation of capable human resources in support of national cyber security
  • Development and maintenance of competitive cybersecurity workforce and able to compete globally

To achieve these objectives, enhanced capabilities of Indonesian human resources program in the field of cyber security can be divided into three major components, namely information, education, and profession.

  • Information
    Need to conduct information dissemination and outreach related to information security issues and knowledge about the risks in using information technology to improve safety awareness in the wider community.
  • Education
    Knowledge related to cyber security can be incorporated into formal education in order to prepare the next generation in the face of technological developments as well as their inherent risks.
  • Profession
    Increased professional competence in the field of cyber security can be done through education, training, work, and certification.

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The program to improve the capabilities of Indonesian human resources in the field of cyber security, one of which is manifested in the provision of formal education with programs to increase the competence related to information technology and cyber security, including information security management and security of information systems and technology.

Vision and Mission

Development of the program refers to the vision and mission of ITB, which mentions ITB takes part in “Guiding developments and changes were made public through the Tri Dharma of higher education which is innovative, having quality and responsiveness to global development and local challenges”. Besides as a means of improving the competence, the program is also a means for students to build a dignified personality who always upholds noble values, contribute positively to the community and to support professional ethics, in accordance with the vision of this educational program Improving Human Resources to Ensure Security of National Information Systems of the Future.