Research Activities

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Increased technical capabilities for the development of technology is essential in advancing national technology. Spearheading the development of the technology found on the progress of research & development that are divided into three primary fields, namely network security consulting, document security, and mobile security. Those three primary fields are required for technology transfers and cooperative development, which includes the public sector, such as government and military, and the private sector (telecommunications companies, banks). The fields of R & D, require the development of training programs to improve the performance of staff to achieve the target of R & D. Then, need to be made specific action plan setup by the R & D, which is described as follows.

  • Network Security Consulting
    1. Establish a security consulting team at CSC
    2. Make whitepaper and magazine articles, newspapers, etc.
    3. Invite the government or the private sector stakeholders to attend a cyber security seminar
    4. Invite the government or the private sector stakeholders to attend a cyber security training
  • Document Security
    1. Creating understanding and awareness about the threats content
    2. Improving knowledge and competence in general cyber security, especially DRM (Disaster Recovery Management)
    3. Preparing pathway best by doing reverse engineering R & D in the field of cyber security or subsector DRM
    4. Implement the results of R & D in Indonesia and other countries
  • Mobile security
    1. Preparing for government support. Government needed the support of relevant policies or regulations as the basis for mobile security in Indonesia
    2. Preparing a business support. The company proactively supports all policies relating to mobile security and realize the importance of mobile security for business sustainability.
    3. Preparing user support. Individual vigilance is very important in the use of mobile devices.
    4. Preparing academic support (ITB, etc.) are part of the R & D